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Handling a video call

When the remote party places a video call, you see their video on UniTel Voice when you answer the call. You can send your video, stop sending your video, or turn off all video.

On an existing call, you can add your video, remove your video but continue to receive video, or you can remove all video and downgrade the call to audio-only.

On an iPhone, the video controls auto-hide. If the video controls are missing, tap the screen to make them reappear.

Sending your video 

On an existing call, you can send your video to the remote party.


1. Tap Send in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Stop Sending your video

You can stop sending your video but continue to receive incoming video.

To stop sending your video

1. Tap Stop at the bottom of the screen.

UniTel Voice no longer sends your video. You can still see the remote party's video if they are sending it.

Removing your video

You can remove all video from the call and turn it into an audio only call.

To remove all video

1. Swipe right on the screen

2. Tap More.

3. Tap Stop Video.

 UniTel Voice switches the call to and audio call.

Load video preview

If you want to see what the remote party sees for your video, you can view the local video preview.

To show or hide the local video preview

1. Tap Preview.

 UniTel Voice adds or removes the video preview.

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