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Screen share

Note: The Screen Share feature is only available to customers on the Office Plus Plan.

Screen share lets you share your screen with anyone. They do not need to be in your team as long as they have a browser on their computer or phone.

Hosting a screen share session

The screen share sessions do not contain audio so you will likely need an audio call as well as the screen share session for a complete experience.

You can start a screen share session immediately, or send out a screen share link beforehand as described below. Anyone with your screen share link can join the session.

To send out a screen share link to participants

1. Click Start sharing your screen on the onscreen phone.

The "Start sharing your screen" button is on the onscreen phone.

2. Select Copy Screen Share link to clipboard.

3. Paste the screen share link into any communication client and send it to invitees.

The link is sent to invitees using your chosen communication client. The screen share does not start automatically. Start sharing your screen any time when you are ready.

Joining a screen share session

If you are a UniTel Voice user, you might receive an invitation to join a screen share from another UniTel Voice user who has screen share enabled. You do not need to have the add-in to receive the invitation.

To respond to a screen share invitation

1. Click Join. The host’s screen appears.

2. Windows: Type CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+S to bring the screen share window in front and in focus if it moves behind other screens. Shortcut keys must be enabled in Softphone > Preferences> Shortcut Keys.

3. Close the screen share window to leave the session.

4. Click Join in the IM to rejoin the session while it is still in progress.

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