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How do I configure my existing device Yealink T23G, T29G, T46S, T54w to work with UniTel Voice?

Below are the instructions for configuring your Yealink T23G, T29G, T46S, T54W device for use with your Unitel Services.

Step 1 – Connect / Power On Phone    


1.    Unbox Device

2.    Connect provided Network Cable to the port on the back of the device labeled “Internet”

3.    Connect the Power cord to the port labeled “DC 5V”.

4.    Plug cord into an outlet.

5.    Connect the Handset Base to the power plug and connect the power plug to the outlet.

6.    Device will startup and on the handset, you should see information (or a clock)

Step 2 – Obtain IP Address for Self-Management           

1.     With the Phone connected and powered on, the LCD screen should show a menu of options.

2.     Press the Softkey for the “Menu”

3.     Using the up/down arrows on the phone, navigate to Status

4.     With Status selected press OK.

5.     Note below the IP Address (identified as IPv4 on the LCD screen).
i.e. (one-nine-two-dot-one-six-eight-dot-one-dot-two-zero-one)

6.     Note below the MAC Address (Identified as MAC on the LCD screen)
i.e. 80:5E:C0:00:00:00

Step 3 – Configure Phone through Web Browser


1.    From your computer’s web browser, Please enter this into your internet browser at the top of the page. An example is

2.    The default username is admin. The default password is admin

3.    In the top navigation bar click “Settings”.

4.    In the Left navigation choose “Auto Provision

5.    Update Server URL to:

6.    At bottom of the page click the Confirm button

7.    When prompted “Do you Want To AutoProvision Now?” choose OK

8.    After provisioning is complete you will see the status change to “The Operation is Complete”. *NOTE: This process may take up to 5 minutes.

9.      Your browser will be redirected to the login screen.

Step 4. 

  1. Place a test call to an “Off-Network” number to confirm calls complete.
  2. Place a test call to an “On-Network” number such as another Employees Extension.

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