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Can I receive text messages for voicemail notifications?

Yes, you can utilize the email-to-text method to receive text message notifications when you have a voicemail.  Most mobile providers offer email-to-text.  Instead of entering an email address in the notification field, enter your cell phone number, followed by the appropriate mobile vendor domain.

For example: if your phone number is 555-123-4567, serviced by Verizon, you would type [email protected] 

(see below):

  • AllTel =
  • AT&T =
  • Bell Mobility =
  • Cingular =
  • Nextel =
  • Rogers Wireless =
  • Sprint =
  • Telus Mobility =
  • T-Mobile =
  • US Cellular =
  • Verizon =
  • Virgin Mobile =

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