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Joining a chat room

There are two types of chat rooms - public and private. Anyone can join a public chat room. You must be invited to join a private chat room. UniTel Voice automatically accepts the invitation to private chat rooms.

When you join a chat room, all the messages from the room are available to you. You can continue to scroll through and download the message history until you see No more messages.

Joining a private chat room

In order to join a private chat room, you have to be added as a member. You automatically join the room when the Room Owner invites you and the private room shows in the Rooms section of the Messages tab with a dot to indicate it is new. If you leave a private chat room and want to rejoin, you need to be invited to the room again.

Joining a public chat room

You can join existing public chat rooms that were created by one of your team members. Anyone in a public chat room can invite people to join the room. The invitation is sent as an IM to each person invited.

To join a public chat room

1. Go to the Messaging tab on the resource panel.

2. Tap Rooms and tap Add.

3. Tap Join Room.

4. Tap the public rooms you want to join and tap Done. You can use search to look for specific room.

UniTel Voice adds the public chat room to Rooms in the Messaging tab.

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