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What is the Difference between Announced and Unannounced Calls?

Another way to ensure that a call is to your Unitel phone number instead of your personal phone number is to turn ‘on’ our call announcement feature. When you receive an inbound call and select ‘accept,’ you will hear an automated message that says,

“This is a call for extension - - - . To accept this call, press one. To send to voicemail, press two. To hear the phone number, press three.”

You can enable announced calls by clicking on ‘unannounced’ to change the value to ‘announced.’ You can also click ‘edit’ on the extension you want to update, select ‘edit’ on the forwarding number you want to adjust, and select ‘calls will be announced when you pick up.’ Then select ‘save’ and then ‘save and close.’


If you or another one of your users is reporting that calls drop after they press 1 to accept, your ring time may not be long enough. What that means is that if your phone is set to ring for 15 seconds, you pick up and listen to the announcement and select an option, the call has already disconnected because it is not ringing long enough. We recommend setting your "ring for" field to 60 seconds if you're using call announcement. To update the ring time, you can click "edit" on the extension you want to modify, then "edit" on the forwarding number. It will then give you the option to update the"ring for" field. Ensure you click "save" and then "save and close" when finished.

You can see more about the "ring for" field HERE.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend using the “Call Announce” feature when utilizing the Unitel or Unitel Office mobile apps. Doing so may cause calls not to route properly to the app, or display incorrect information on inbound calls.

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