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What are Chat Rooms?

Chat rooms are used when sending messages to multiple recipients. Chat rooms can be private or public. Private rooms can only be joined by invitation. Public rooms can be joined by anyone in your Team Messaging group.

You can:

  • Create chat room.
  • Join a chat room.
  • Set up the type of notifications you want to receive for each chat room.
  • Use mentions to get the attention of a specific chat room member.
  • Add and remove members.
  • Delete or leave a chat room.

Chat room server requirements

The following requirements must be met to use chat rooms:

All the clients must be running version 5.5.3 or higher on iOS and Android and version 5.5.0 or higher on Windows and Mac.

Your Team Messaging account must be registered and enabled.

If some clients are running versions earlier than 5.5.3 on iOS and Android or 5.5.0 on Windows and Mac, the room members list may not accurately show who is in the chat rooms and messages may not be sent to all room members.

Chat room properties

Each chat room has a set of properties. Some are required and some are optional.

Required chat room properties

Room name: Each room must have a unique room name. Up to 40 characters long.

Room Type: A room can be private or public. Private rooms are unlisted and can be joined by invitation only. Public rooms are displayed in the list of chat rooms that you can join.

Room owner: The name of the person that created the room.

Optional chat room properties

Members: The people you are inviting to the room or the people already in the room.

Description: Up to 140 characters long that can be edited by the room owner.

Topic: A brief description of what is currently being discussed in the group that can be edited by anyone. Up to 140 characters long.

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