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Error 408

408 Request Timeout (no response received from the server)

It means that your UniTel Voice Softphone cannot reach our SIP server or the server is not responding.

  • Disable SIP ALG on your router if it has this option. SIP ALG (Application-level gateway) is a common feature of consumer routers that aims to help VoIP traffic get routed properly, but it could also cause issues with VoIP traffic.
  • If this does not work, try disabling the firewall on your network altogether to test to see what is blocking the connection. Do not forget to log out of the app and log back in to reflect the changes you made.
  • If this error occurs in a different network than the previous ones you used, check to see if a VPN is used in your network. VPNs could potentially block VoIP traffic.
  • If you have strict firewall rules, you might need to open ports on your network and change firewall rules. This allows traffic from the various servers to communicate with UniTel Voice.
  • If your network's firewall is suspected to be causing trouble, Contact our Technical Support Team for assistance.

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