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Error 408

408 Request Timeout (no response received from the server)

It means that UniTel Voice cannot reach the SIP server (VoIP service provider or PBX), or the server is not responding.

  • Make sure you or your admin entered the correct domain name for your SIP server Log into UniTel admin portal, go to the Voice and Videotab, and check these fields: Domain and Port.
    • Note: Ask your VoIP service provider what transport and port you should be using to connect to their service. For TLS transport, often port 5061 is used. When the port number is set to Auto in the admin portal, Bria uses 5060.
  • Try changing the firewall strategy used in UniTel Voice. UniTel Voice supports multiple options, and you are going to try each one to see which one works for your network.
  • To do so, log into UniTel Voice admin portal, go to the Voice and Video tab, and set up a new voice configuration for testing. This test configuration would be a duplicate of your current one, with a slight adjustment to Firewall Method. In the Service Settings tab, try changing your Firewall Method to one of the available options. When trying for STUN, set as the firewall server URL (it does not require a username or password).
    • Note: Remember that once you make a change in the admin portal, you need to log out and back in on the Bria app to reflect the changes you made.
  • If the problem persists, contact your VoIP service provider, and ask if they are receiving registration requests from Bria on your SIP account. Also double-check the transport type (UDP/TCP/TLS) and port number. In some cases, your service provider might need to whitelist your IP address in order to reach their server.
  • Disable SIP ALG on your router if it has this option. SIP ALG (Application-level gateway) is a common feature of consumer routers that aims to help VoIP traffic get routed properly, but it could also cause issues with VoIP traffic.
  • If this does not work, try disabling the firewall on your network altogether, and set the Firewall Method method to None to test to see what is blocking the connection. Make sure nothing is set for the firewall server in UniTel admin portal. Do not forget to log out of the app and log back in to reflect the change you made.
  • If this error occurs in a different network than the previous ones you used, check to see if a VPN is used in your network. VPNs could potentially block VoIP traffic.
  • If you have strict firewall rules, you might need to open ports on your network and change firewall rules. This allows traffic from the various servers to communicate with UniTel Voice.

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