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Troubleshooting: Connecting Your New Device

Troubleshooting: Connecting Your New Device

With your new device, you will have received 1x power adaptor and 1x network cable.  Connect the Power cord to the round port on the underside of the Device. Connect 1 end of the Network cable to your Device's port labeled LAN or SW located on the bottom of your device and the other end to your Router or Network Switch. With both cables connected, your device will Power On, Boot up, and Register with your Unitel Services. This process may take 1-3 minutes depending on your device.

NOTE: Desk Phones typically have 2 network ports on the bottom of the device. 1 Port will be labeled SW or LAN. The other Port is typically labeled PC. Ensure the Network Cable is plugged into the port labeled SW or LAN.

NOTE: When first connecting your device, it may reboot 1 or more times as it Provisions and Updates with our Network.

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