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Troubleshooting: Device will not power on

Troubleshooting: Device will not power on

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot if your device does not appear to have power.

  1. First, make sure the device does not have power by picking up the handset and listening for a Dial Tone. Some devices have a “power save” mode that will show a blank LCD screen but the device is still online and ready for calling. Picking up the handset will activate the LCD screen.
  2. Ensure the Power Cord is connected to your Device and plugged into a working outlet. This is especially true if you are connecting your device for the first time.
  3. If the Power adaptor is plugged into a Power Strip, unplug it from the strip and try connecting your device directly into a wall outlet. The Power strip may be “off” or have a bad outlet/port.
  4. With Cisco Device Power Adaptors, the prong/plug is a separate piece from the power supply. Ensure that it is properly seated with the power adaptor as it may have come loose during shipment or if bumped / moved.
  5. If you have another device of the same model, try a “known good” power cord. It is not often, but the power cord itself may be at fault.
  6. If you continue to experience power-related issues after following these steps, Contact Us so that we can assist you further.

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