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How do I configure the Grandstream HT802 to work with UniTel Voice?

Configure Grandstream HT802 Analog Telephone Adaptor

Below are the instructions for configuring your Grandstream HT802 VoIP Analog Adaptor to work with your UniTel Voice Office.

Step 1 - Connect / Power On Phone

  1. Unbox Device
  2. Connect provided Network Cable to the Internet Port on the back of the device.
  3. Connect the Power cord to the port labeled “DC 12V”
  4. Connect your existing RJ-11 phone cable to the "Phone 1" port on the back of the device. 
    ** Each Phone is a different line so it is important to connect your device to the correct port.

Step 2 - Obtain IP Address for Self-Management

  1. With the power cord connected, the Phone Adaptor will power on. The power light will blink while the device is initializing. Confirm the device is powered on before continuing to the next step.
  2. From the analog phone connected to your Grandstream VoIP Adaptor, dial *** (star 3-times). You should hear the announcement “Enter a menu option”.
  3. Dial 02.
  4. You should then hear the IP address read to you.   Note the information below.
    Note the Current IP: ________________________________________________________________
    i.e. (one-nine-two-dot-one-six-eight-dot-one-dot-two-zero-one)

Step 3 - Configure Phone through Web Browser

  1. From your computer’s web browser, Please enter the IP Address from the above step into your internet browser. For example, enter
  2. On the login screen, enter The default password:  admin
  3. In the top navigation bar, click “Advanced Settings
  4. Update Firmware Server Path to

  5. Update Config Server Path to

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button [Update]
  7. At the bottom of the page, click the button [Apply]
  8. Click the button [Reboot]

** Your phone will restart 1 or more times while the device is re-provisioned to the new settings. Your screen will go blank during this time, and the Line 1 indicator light should be green.

Step 4 - Test Calls

  1. Place a test call to an "Off-Network" number to confirm calls complete
  2. Place a test call to an "On-Network" number such as another employee's extension

**Success tips for configuring your GrandStream Device:

  • "*" shifts down to the next menu option and “#” returns to the main menu.
  • "9" functions as the ENTER key in many cases to confirm or toggle an option.
  • All entered digit sequences have known lengths - 2 digits for menu option and 12 digits for IP address. For IP address, add 0 before the digits if the digits are less than 3 (i.e. - should be key in like 192168000026. No decimal is needed). - Key entry cannot be deleted but the phone may prompt error once it is detected.
  • After submitting the changes in all the Web GUI pages, reboot HT801/HT802 to have the changes take effect if necessary; most of the options under the Advanced Settings and FXS Port (x) pages require reboot.

** Troubleshooting

If you are unable to connect to the web config interface of your Grandstream device in Step 3 above,  ensure "WAN Port access" is set to Enabled in the Grandstream HT802 settings.  To manage this option: 

  1. Pick up the handset, 
  2. dial ***
  3. Dial 12 
  4. You should observe an announcement. If the announcement is “WAN PORT ACCESS DISABLE”, press 9 to toggle the option to Enable. You should then hear “WAN PORT ACCESS ENABLE”. Now, try to repeat STep 3 above to configure

  1.  the Phone through the Web Browser.

** Learn More

The Device manufacturer has additional information available in their User Guide available on their website:

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