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Call recordings in History

Call recordings are available in UniTel Voice's List of recent calls (Windows) or History (Mac) – referred to as History. You can play and delete recordings from History, in addition to using the file explorer on your computer to play and delete recording files.

Filtering for recordings

If you are searching for a call recording, you can filter the History to show only calls that have recordings.

To filter for recordings

1. Click on the call filter and click Recordings.

UniTel Voice displays all calls that have a recording associated with them.

Multiple recordings

If you created multiple recordings of a call – you stopped and restarted a recording during the same call – all the call recording are visible in the expanded view of the call entry.

Playing back a call recording

You can play back a call recording using either History or using the file explorer on your computer. This section describes how to play back a call recording using call history. For more information on call recording, including using the file explorer to listen to a recording, see Recording a call.

To delete a recording

1. Optional: Click on the filter and select Recordings.

2. Click on the history group that contains the recording. The history group expands.

3. Click on the call entry that contains the recording. The call entry expands.

4. Click Delete Recording.

5. Click OK on Recording File.

UniTel Voice deletes the recording from your computer and you can no longer play back the file in call history.

The history entry still appears when the Recordings filter is applied. Delete Recording and Play Recording are still visible in the call entry but are inactive.

Click Recording Info to see when the file was deleted.

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