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Troubleshooting: Inbound calls do not ring my Device

There are several reasons why inbound calls may not ring your device as expected. We will go through the most common problems below. Contact Support if you require further assistance.

  1. Is your device Powered On and “Online / Registered”.  Learn more
  2. Do not have  (Do Not Disturb) “DND” enabled on your device? Learn more about DND
  3. Login to your Unitel Account and check to confirm settings are configured as expected:
    1. Navigate to the Extensions Page. Review your Employee settings to ensure that the “Mobile App” setting is enabled. This setting is required to receive Inbound calls to your Devices.
    2. Check your Extension settings to ensure calls from Department Extensions are configured to forward to your Employee Extension as expected. Make sure the Forwarding setting for your Employee Extension is not OFF.
    3. Check the Settings > Numbers screen to ensure inbound calls to your Number are configured to route as expected.
  4. Place an outbound test call from your device to confirm outbound calls are not affected.
  5. With outbound calls working successfully, now test 1 more inbound call. If the calls are now complete to your device, the issue is likely related to your Router / Firewall.   Learn More about configuring your firewall
  6. If after following all of the steps above, you are still unable to receive Inbound Calls, please contact our support team for further assistance.

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