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Enabling call blocking

With this feature, Unitel Voice blocks incoming calls with:

  • No number,
  • Anonymous Caller ID, and/or
  • any number you added to the block list.

You can add up to 20 phone numbers in Unitel Voice. This list is stored locally on your device; if you have Unitel Voice installed on multiple devices, you need to set this feature manually on each device.

A SIP address with alphabets cannot be blocked.

Call History shows blocked calls.

To enable call blocking:

  1. Go to the Settings tab on the resource panel.
  2. Go to Preferences - Incoming Call.
  3. Tap Call Blocking.
  4. Enable options and/or add phone numbers to block.

Call blocking is enabled.

To add a phone number to the block list from History.

  1. Go to the History tab on the resource panel.
  2. Tap the info icon beside the entry to open call details.
  3. Tap Block... in the call entry

Unitel Voice add this number to the block list.

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