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Where do I manage my inbound fax notification email & settings?

When your Unitel phone number(s) are configured to Play Main Greeting, they can also receive inbound faxes and display them in your Inbox.  Additionally, Inbound Faxes can be configured to send a notification email with a PDF attachment to 1 or more email addresses.

Inbound Fax Notifications are managed for each Unitel phone number. 

To manage the email address where the Fax Notification will be sent, navigate to menu Settings > Numbers

Click the "Edit" button on the Numbers screen for the Number you want to configure Fax Notifications.

Make sure the Notification Action is set to "Copy." 

In the Notification Email field, enter the email address where the fax notification should be received. separate multiple emails with a comma (without spaces).

NOTE: The Notification Action controls how your Unitel Virtual Phone system handles storage of the received faxes. See the list below on how to configure your Notification Action to suit your business needs.

Notification Actions:

  • Copy  - This is the preferred value.  Inbound faxes will be converted to PDF and emailed to the "Notification Email." A copy of the PDF will be stored in your Inbox for 60 days.
  • NONE - Inbound Faxes will not be saved or forwarded to your Notification Email. 
  • Forward - Inbound fax will be converted to PDF, emailed to the "Notification Email," and then deleted from the system. No copy is saved in your Inbox.
  • Notify - Inbound fax will be converted to a PDF and stored in your Inbox. A notification email will be sent, but the document will not be included as a PDF attachment.

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