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Troubleshooting: My device is not online/registered

Troubleshooting: My device is not online/registered

Each device is different but generally, if your device is not "Online/Registered", it will display an Amber color or a message on the LCD screen of your Phone. 

For example, on Cisco Devices, the Line light on the device will turn “Amber” color if the device is not properly Registered and Online ready for calls.  

If this occurs, you will not be able to receive inbound calls or place outbound calls.  This can happen for several reasons:

  1. Check your internet connection. Your IP Device requires an internet connection. This can quickly be done by using a computer that is connected to the same network as your Device. If you cannot access the internet, contact your Internet Provider to report your Internet Connection issue.
  2. Confirm the Network cable is connected to the proper port on your device: The Network Cable should be connected to the port labeled LAN or SW. if it is connected to the port labeled PC, switch it to the correct port.  
  3. If the network cable is connected to the correct port, Unplug it, count to 5, and reconnect it. It is possible the cord became loose.
  4. Reboot your Device. – Your Device works like a small computer. Sometimes restarting the Phone can fix temporary registration issues. Additionally, restarting forces the phone to send a signal to our service for “Updates”.  This may be needed if you recently lost internet service and it was restored but your device is not immediately “Online”.
  5. Check your Router Firewall Settings. You may need to make configuration changes to your Router Firewall to allow the connection between your Device and our Services. Learn more about Firewall Configurations.

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