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How do I configure my existing device Grandstream GXP2160 to work with UniTel Voice?

Below are the instructions for configuring your Grandstream 2160 IP Phone to work with your UniTel Office.

Step 1 – Connect / Power On Phone        

  1. Plugin and connect your IP Phone’s Network & Power Cables per the Quick Installation Guide that shipped with your phone

Step 2 – Obtain IP Address for Self-Management    

  1. Once the phone is connected and powered up:
  2. Press the Up arrow (picture below) to see the current IP Address of the device (assigned by your network router):
  3. Note the Current IP Here: _______________________________________

Step 3 – Configure Phone through Web Browser

  1. From your computer open a web browser
  2.  In the URL type in the IP address noted above:
  3. Login to the device using admin credentials. Default admin credentials are username=admin and password=admin.
  4. You should see a Summary Page
  5. Under  MAINTENANCE menu click Upgrade and Provisioning
  6. Confirm setting “Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning” is set to Always Check for New Firmware”
  7. Confirm setting “Automatic Upgrade” is set to “Yes , check for upgrade every day”
  8. Confirm Randomized Automatic Upgrade is set to “Yes”
  9. Update Config Server Path to:
  10. Update Firmware Path to:
  11. Click the button “Save and Apply” at the bottom of the page.
  12. At the top of the page click the button “Provision”.  This will initiate the device to attempt to download the auto-provisioning file.
  13. You will observe the device reboot.
  14. If you may observe on the device LCD screen the prompt to allow Firmware upgrade choose Yes.
  15. Your phone will restart 1 or more times while the Device is re-provisioned to the new settings. During this time your screen will go blank and the Line Indicator lights will flash. When the device is ready, the Line1 indicator light should be Green.
  16. After the provisioning process, you should observe Line Key 1 displaying the First & Last Name of the Employee Extension it was assigned.

Step 4.  

  1. Place a test call to an “Off-Network” number to confirm calls complete.
  2. Place a test call to an “On-Network” number such as another Employees Extension.


If you are bringing your phone from another provider, it may be necessary to Factory Reset your phone. If you are advised to do so by a UniTel Voice Support Team, follow the steps below:

Factory Reset Grandstream GXP-2160

  1. Press the menu button (center button of the directional pad).
  2. Use the directional pad to select 'System'.
  3. Use the directional pad to select 'Factory Reset'.
  4. Press 'YES' to confirm factory reset.
  5. Your phone will reboot.

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