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Searching and filtering History

To find a specific entry in History, you can filter or search the list of recent calls, or use both methods.

Limit the calls you see in the call history using filtering. UniTel Voice lets you filter all calls, incoming calls, missed calls, calls that were answered elsewhere, Collaboration conference calls, calls with recordings, and calls by date.

Searching History

Search for a call in History by either the name of the caller or by their phone number.

To search History

1. Type the name or phone number for the call your are looking for in Search History.

2. Expand the History entry to find specific call details.

UniTel Voice displays all calls from the name or number.

Filtering History

Limit the calls you see in History using filtering.

Available filters 
  • Incoming calls (with second filter for Date)
  • Missed calls (with second filter for Date)
  • Answered elsewhere
  • Collaboration conference call (with second filter for Date)
  • Calls with recordings (with second filter for Conference or Call)
  • Date

You can search Bria for calls based on when the call occurred. Filter calls from Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, Last 7 Days, and Last 30 Days. This Week filters for calls for the current week running from Sunday to Saturday. This Month filters for calls during the current calendar month.

To apply a filter to the History

1. In History, click on the call filter and select the filter you want to apply.

2. Click the second filter if applicable.

UniTel Voice displays the calls that match the filter(s).

To see which filter is applied to call history when the full name of the filter does not fit, hover over the filter drop down and the full text appears.

Search and filter History

Use search and filter at the same time. You can filter your results first, and then enter your search information or enter your search information first and filter your results.

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