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Enabling auto answer

You can turn on Auto Answer so the call is automatically answered by Bria after a specified period of time with no user intervention. Auto Answer is initially disabled.

You can enable this feature anytime, even during a call and it takes effect right away. When you enable auto-answer, Bria automatically answers a call after 3 seconds with audio-only. You can customize the settings under Preferences > Calls configuration.

To enable auto answer

1. Click More call options.

The "More call options" button is one the on-screen phone.

2. Select Auto Answer.

Auto Answer in the drop-down

 Auto Answer is enabled is displayed beside More call options and a check mark appears beside the Auto Answer on the More call options drop-down menu. Any new incoming call are automatically answered.

Icon indicating auto answer is enabled

To disable auto answer, click More call options and click Auto Answer. The Auto Answer is enabled icon will disappear.

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