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Configuring your Cisco SPA-122 VoIP Adaptor

Step 1 – Connect / Power On Phone        

  1. Connect one end of the provided Ethernet cable to the blue port on back of device labeled “Internet” and the other end to your Router / Gateway.
  2. Connect Power cord to port labeled “DC 5V Power”
  3. Connect your analog phone to port labeled “Phone 1”. ** Each Phone is a different line so it is important to connect your device to the correct port.
  4. Connect Ethernet cable (not provided) between your computer and the yellow ETHERNET port. (only required on SPA122 model. By default SPA122 does not allow web management from the INTERNET/WAN port.


Step 2 – Obtain IP Address for Self-Management

  1. Power on Device. With the power cord connected, the Phone Adaptor will power on. Power light will blink while initializing device. Confirm device is powered on before continuing to next step.
  2. From your connected phone, dial **** (star 4-times). You should hear announcement “Configuration Menu”.
  3. Dial 110#.
  4. You should then hear the IP address read to you.  Note this information below.
     i.e. (one-nine-two-dot-one-six-eight-dot-one-dot-two-zero-one)


Step 3 – Configure Device through Web Browser

  1. From your computer connected to the Cisco SPA-122 Adaptor, open a web browser
  2. Please enter the IP Address from step 4 above into your web browser at the top of the page. An example is
  3. The default username is admin and password is admin
  4. Click the top Navigation “Voice” 
  5. In the Left Navigation, click Provisioning
  6. Under section “Configuration Profile” paste the below test into Profile Rule:

    [--key $B]$A/$MA.cfg

  7. Under section “General Purpose Parameters” update GPP A to: 125
  8. At bottom of screen click Submit
  9. Your adaptor will restart 1 or more times while the Device is re-provisioned to the new settings. During this time the lights on the top of your device will go blank blink. When the device is ready, the Line1 indicator light should be solid Green.



Step 4 – Place a test call.  

  1. Place test call to an “Off-Network” number to confirm calls complete.
  2. Place test call to an “On-Network” number such as another Employees Extension.

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