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Merging & Splitting Calls

When you have two calls established, you can merge the two calls into a three-way conference call. You can split the conference call back to two separate calls.

Merging calls

You can merge two existing calls into a conference call. If either of the calls is a video call, you can still merge the calls but the merged call is an audio only call. Video conference calls are not supported at this time.

To merge two calls

1. Tap Merge.

UniTel Voice merges the calls into a conference call and displays Conference. If you end the call, both remote parties are disconnected. The remote parties cannot continue the call without you.


Splitting calls

After you have merged two call together, you can split them back into two separate calls.

To split a merged call

1. Tap Split.

 UniTel Voice splits the calls. On iPhone, UniTel Voice displays the name of the remote party for the active call. On iPad, UniTel Voice displays the active call in front.

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