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Troubleshooting Call Quality Issues with Devices

Call quality issues typically are a result of the following situations:

  1. If you have multiple users in your office, network congestion on your local network may be affecting call quality. This can often be the case when several users are on your network with heavy internet usage (downloading / streaming). Configuring QoS (quality of service) in your Network Equipment can improve this problem in these cases. 
  2. If using a Wi-Fi-enabled device, ensure your device is located near your Wireless Router for the best wireless signal strength. For troubleshooting purposes, try to use your Device/Phone in a wired connection and place a test call. If the call quality issues resolve, then you know the issue is related to your wireless network. You may need to use a wired connection or relocate your Device or Wireless Router to provide a better signal strength.
  3. If using a Computer Softphone, make sure your Computers Firewall settings have been configured correctly. Learn More about Firewall Configurations.

If after following the troubleshooting steps in this guide, you continue to experience call quality issues, Contact Us. There are a few settings available to our technicians that can help to alleviate customer call quality issues. Please be prepared to place several test calls with our Team when contacting us. 

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