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What are Greetings?

  Watch a quick video on how greetings work in our system here

Our system has three greeting types: 

1. Main Greeting

Your main greeting is the first thing callers will hear when they dial your number. You should use it to greet each caller and provide them with a list of their options. 

For example, your main greeting might say "Thank you for calling ABC Company. For sales press 1, for support press 2, press 8 for our dial by name directory."

Learn more about managing your main greeting here.

2. Voicemail Greeting

Each department and employee extension has a voicemail box. This is the recording callers will hear before they leave a voicemail message.

Learn more about managing voicemail greetings here.

3. After-Hours Greeting

Your after-hours greeting is a recording you can set to play after your set business hours. 

An example would be "Thank you for calling [Company Name]. You have reached our offices after hours. Please leave a message and we will return your call the next business day. Thank you."

Learn more about managing your after-hours greeting here.

Recording Your Greetings:

Your main and after-hours greetings are located under “Settings” > “Greetings." Voicemail greetings are specific to their extension and can be found in “Extensions,” then select “Edit” on the desired extension.

Each greeting in the dashboard has an “Add Greeting” button. We provide three ways to record your greetings:

1. Record using your device’s microphone

If your computer/phone has a built-in microphone, you can record and upload a greeting. 

Note: Apple/iOS phones are currently experiencing issues with the "Record" button. You can use one of the following options.

2. Upload a pre-recorded MP3 file.

You can upload an MP3 file (up to 2 MB) if you already have a greeting recorded. Some users create this file using 3rd party services, apps (Smart Recorder), or even leaving themselves a voicemail and then downloading the file. 

3. Get a professional voice talent recording

We offer every new customer a free professional voice talent recording during their first month of service. Our goal is to help you set up your business phone system so it keeps you connected and sounds great.

The free recording includes 100 words. You can slice and dice that up into multiple recordings if you’d like (i.e., one recording for your auto attendant greeting, one for your after-hours greeting, and one for your unavailable voicemail greeting). If you need more recordings after that, you can purchase more for just $25 per 100-word block.

Learn more about Voice Talent Studio here.

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